We also provide expertise in the operation and management of any cold chain infrastructure such as cold rooms. Our data-driven approach means our actions are guided by a proven analytical decision-making process. Our team of experts is available to any business with cold chain assets such as freezers, cold stores, cold vans, etc. Our highly qualified team delivers regular and frequent maintenance and repair services on all our cold room installations and refrigerated vehicles across the country.

Cold Storage

We provide cold storage facilities such as cold rooms, cold warehouses, freezers, etc.

Our storage facilities are energy-efficient machines that won’t blot your electricity bill. We provide top-of-the-line facilities that run uninterpreted.

Our cold storage solutions are both cost and eco-friendly. This means we do not harm your pocket and we are also friendly to the environment.

We provide this service to any business or individual who needs a storage facility to keep and preserve the life and value of their product. From Hospitals with special needs for medical-grade refrigerators to the farmer who needs a cold warehouse to store their harvest or the small business owner who needs a freezer to operate as a cold store.

If it’s cold, we store it


With deep knowledge of the Indonesian market, We uses its expertise in Cold Chain to store and transport Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to retail shops. By doing so, manufacturers are able to spend their precious time and resources on their core business.
Our expertise in cold chain logistics coupled with our vast network of partner retail shops like Gofresh, Prima Fresh Mart, and more in Indonesia means manufacturers enjoy all the benefits of reaching world-class shops without increasing their operational cost.

Last Mile Delivery

Our cold trucks are designed to meet the temperature specification of the product by factoring in factors such as distance, storage materials, terrain, weather, etc. This helps us deliver the products to the customer on time and in the right conditions. We take precautions to prevent delays. While also maintaining high-quality standards. We transport goods such as raw farm produce in farms at the most remote places on the Indonesia which helps minimize post-harvest losses. We also transport raw materials to factories and manufacturers which meet the highest safety and quality standards in the industry and transport consumer goods such as frozen chicken, frozen fish, etc. to retail outlets or even the small neighbourhood shop.
Whether you are multinational in need of a reliable transport partner or a small neighbourhood shop we are there for you.

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